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Blue Discovery - Dolphins

Blue Discovery is a class that combines STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) learning with adventures on the open water and coastal landscape. Students will explore our local California waters and coastline and take a deep dive into learning and connecting with the natural systems at work. Through scientific discovery, hands-on learning, and adventure experiences, students will develop an understanding of the animals and plants that call our coast home along with how they fit into larger ecosystems. This class also emphasizes the conservation and protection of marine and terrestrial resources, including human impacts on natural resources and best practices for protecting our oceans and coastlines.

This Dolphins course is based on both classroom and adventure learning for young minds who want to challenge themselves in all things Oceanography. Students may participate in on-the-water activities such as kayaking and paddle boarding. Advanced science experiments, dissections, and microscope activities are incorporated based on student interest and input.

Tuesdays - 1:30 PM to 4:00 PM
Grade Guidelines: 3rd to 5th
Cost: $210 for four weeks / Drop-in price $60 per class
Discovery Leader: TBD

Spring Session One

January 16th to February 6th

Spring Session Three

March 12th to April 2nd

Spring Session Five

May 14th to June 4th

Spring Session Two

February 13th to March 5th

Spring Session Four

April 16th to May 7th

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