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Ocean Warriors

Make a Difference!

As an organization that teaches on our local beaches and waters, we understand all too well the pollution challenges facing our global oceans. Since 70-80% of the oxygen we breathe comes from the oceans, their health is critical to our long-term survival. While the problems may seem insurmountable, individuals pulling together can help create change.

Cleaning our Corner of the World!
People can make an impact starting in their own neighborhoods by gathering concerned individuals and organizing cleanups. At Waterfront Education beach and on the water cleanups are a regular part of our educational programs. We have quietly been organizing small cleanups and picking up ocean trash with our students for years. Now we want to extend our reach and make cleaning the ocean more accessible.

Become an Ocean Warrior!
Join our Waterfront Education community and help clean our local ocean waters out on kayaks and stand up paddle boards (SUP’s). On Sundays Waterfront Education organizes public and group-sponsored cleanups. Drop into a monthly public clean up or gather 6 to 12 people from your family, pod, tribe, troop, team, etc., and schedule your own. Contact us to get on our calendar.

Let’s do this!
There is no charge to participate, however, we do require a $10 refundable deposit to secure your spot on a kayak or SUP. Yes - it is FREE (although donations are always appreciated). Waterfront Education is making our kayaks and SUP’s. available as our way of giving back to the community we love. We are passionate about the ocean and want to empower others that share our enthusiasm.

Sponsorship Super Heroes Wanted!
Want to help us expand our program and nurture Mother Earth? We have many opportunities for sponsorship to meet many budget levels. For more information contact Julie Coll at or (818) 268-4740.

Sign me up!
Groups - contact
Individuals - RSVPs are required. Register for one of our public clean-ups below.

2nd Sunday of every month - 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Age Guidelines: 7 years old (with adult supervision) to adult
Cost: Free! ($10 refundable deposit to hold spot)
Discovery Leader: TBD

Harbor Clean Up July 2024

July 14th

Harbor Clean Up Sept 2024

September 8th

Harbor Clean Up Nov 2024

November 10th

Harbor Clean Up August 2024

August 11th

Harbor Clean Up Oct 2024

October 13th

Harbor Clean Up Dec 2024

December 8th

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