Solar Cup is an education program in which high school teams, sponsored by The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (Metropolitan) and its member agencies, learn about water conservation and renewable energy by building and racing a solar powered boat during a seven-month period.

The teams compete against each other in both sprint and endurance races at Lake Skinner, located in Temecula. As part of the program, the teams also research and complete various technical reports and create a water-related public service announcement. The culminating Solar Cup races will take place May 18-20, 2018.

Solar Cup is an opportunity for students to gain understanding in the following areas:
 Promote stewardship of natural resources, including water conservation
 Increase understanding of water supply and water quality challenges
 Promote use of renewable energy, through hands-on application of math, science and engineering
 Increase awareness about water industry careers

Join our Team
We are excited! This is our first year participating in this event. Our team is open to high school students both traditional and home schooled. We need motivated and committed students. Review the general Team Time Line. In addition to our regular club meeting we will have some week-end building workshops and may need to do some additional fundraising to support our efforts. [more information about Solar Cup]

*Meetings Mondays
4:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Age Guidelines - High School
Cost: Free - Our team is sponsored by West Basin Water District

Join our team!

*Note: Meetings will vary. Mondays are just a starting point. If you are interested in being on the team but the initial meeting day/time doesn't work with your schedule please call/text (818) 268- 4740 or email