There's nothing like seeing sharks in the wild! Join our expert team of shark spotters to learn about our local sharks and their importance in the ocean.  We'll be on the water going to locations nearby that are known for frequent shark sightings. This excursion is a fun, safe, secure way to learn and observe sharks!

This class teaches students about shark behavior and the role of humans in their conservation. We will examine popular shark myths and help students learn critical thinking skills to help them separate fact from fiction in the media. A working shark scientist leads the class and will provide plenty of photo, video, and educational references to review and enjoy long after the excursion is over.

Monday - June 26th
Class duration: 6 hours (8:00 AM to 2:00 PM)
Grade Guidelines - 4th to 8th

Cost: $150 per student / additional family member discount 10% - $135.00 per student
(minimum 6 students / maximum 10 students)

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Shark Researcher: Apryl DeLancey
Discovery Leader: Cody Martin

Planned discovery topics include the following:
Shark biodiversity and origins. 
Shark bodies and functions.
How to think like a shark. 
Human interactions and conservation. 
Sharks in pop culture. How to spot a fake shark story!!!

Enrollment: minimum 6 students / maximum 10 students
Note: If you will be using a school voucher for class payment you can still register your child using our system.
What to bring/wear: Sunscreen, hat, dress in layers, lunch, water, and snacks.