King Harbor Boating Foundation dba Waterfront Education

King Harbor Boating Foundation was founded in 2012 by Julie Coll and Mark Hansen. As avid boaters they have explored, enjoyed and protected the rich marine ecosystems in Santa Monica Bay and beyond. They saw a need to create an organization to educate the community about the ocean environment by having them actively engage with nature out on the water.   

Mission Statement

To provide annual events and educational programs that expose students, community members, businesses, and organizations to our ocean waters while promoting safe boating practices and stewardship of our marine environment.

Our Objectives

  • Create experiential learning environments for students of all ages, ethnicities and socio-economic levels, that encourage personal growth, inclusiveness and stewardship of our oceans.
  • Foster public interest and participation in our local ocean waters by helping community members engage in sail, power and paddle craft boating, along with angling and other marine activities through our programs and events.
  • Support enhanced ocean access, lower-cost facilities which that increase opportunities for public coastal access.

Core Values

Safety | Respect | Stewardship | Fun | Innovation | Community | Collaboration | Equality | Leadership | Discovery