Have Fun and Learn at the Roundhouse Aquarium!

Join the amazing Roundhouse Aquarium Educators for this fun-filled series of interactive and dynamic classes hosted in the Roundhouse Aquarium classroom on Manhattan Beach pier! In this four-part series, explore the sights, sounds, and animals of our local ocean waters. Dive into marine science in these hands-on classes as we explore things from the microscopic to the huge, from the abiotic to the biotic, and from the usual to the amazingly unusual! Sign up for the whole series or your favorite individual class. We are excited to see you there!

Instructors: The Roundhouse Aquarium Educators

Thursdays - 9:45am - 11:15am
Grade Guidelines - 3rd - 5th
Cost: $100 for the series, $28 a class

Fall Session 2019 - September 5th - September 26th

  • 9/5 - Plankton! Conduct a plankton tow and learn the importance of these amazing creatures while looking at your collection under the microscope.

  • 9/12 - Pressure! Conduct fun experiments and explore how animals survive in the deep depths of the ocean.

  • 9/19 - Sink or Float? Use the scientific method to explore the concept of buoyancy. Create your very own boat and see if it can rise to the challenge.

  • 9/26 - Invertebrates! Learn about various terrestrial and marine invertebrates and conduct a squid dissection!

Enrollment: Minimum of 8 students / Maximum of 20 students
Note: If you will be using a school voucher for class payment you can still register your child using our system.
What to bring/wear: Comfortable clothes, sunscreen, water, and a snack if desired.

Location: Manhattan Beach Pier, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266