Building Confidence. Making Friends. Having Fun!

Do you love exploring our beautiful coastline while challenging yourself and building new skills? Do you want to learn more about marine science while making friends? Then come join the Tide Pool Team, and awesome club focused on bringing girls together and empowering them in a supportive female learning environment!

This club will explore and encourage each girl's strengths while exposing them to working female scientists. Together, the Tide Pool Team will determine what they want to learn, allowing their curiosity to guide them through various STEM and STEAM subjects. Our explorations will take us out of the classroom as we work to develop the confidence and skills to become master kayakers, stand-up paddle boarders, and sailors. Come join us for some serious fun! Let’s go Tide Pool Team!!

If you are interested in participating in the Girl’s Tide Pool Team, email us with your name and availability. Once we collect enough interest parties, we will work together to plan the best day and time to meet during the week.

Grade Guidelines: 5th +
Cost: TBD
Date and Time: TBD