Enjoy Fishing. Learn New Skills. Catch Dinner? 

This class will expose our students to a variety of fishing styles. Along with fishing in different locations, we will discuss the best type of bait and equipment for each habitat. Our activities will vary from making lures that mimic natural prey, constructing nets, and how to properly cook the fish that we catch.  Each meeting we will have a science based lesson, and then we hit the water to use that information to fish as productively as possible!

Instructor: Holly Keedy

Summer Schedule
Fridays - 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM

Cost: $100 for four weeks / $125 for five weeks / drop-in $30

Summer Session One - June 2nd to June 30th
Summer Session Two - July 7th to July 28th
Summer Session Three - August 4th to August 25th
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Grade Guideline: 5 year old +
Enrollment: minimum 6 students / maximum 12 students
Note: If you will be using a school voucher for class payment you can still register your child using our system.

Planned discovery sessions will include the following:­­
Fishing Attire and Water Safety
Tackle, Tying knots and Preparing Hooks
Parts of a Fish and Common Species
Characteristics of Water and its affect on Fish
Fishing Regulations and Stewardship
What Type of Bait to Use and Why
Fishing Ethics
Cleaning and Cooking fish
Making Lures, Nets and Flies