Here at Waterfront Education, we are working to provide meaningful hands-on education programs to our students. We are a unique non-profit organization in LA County, providing one-of-a-kind experiences to homeschooled and underserved youth. Currently, we are in our fourth year and, since our inception, we have tripled in size. We are currently experiencing the largest phase of growth in the history of our organization and we are reaching more students than ever before.

We are dedicated to the more than 600 students we have reached in 2018 who depend on us for their STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education. We are in need of funding to grow our staff, infrastructure and programming to continue providing educational programs to current and future students.

We can’t do it alone, our students need your support!


Meaningful Hands-On Education

Our student’s experiences are unlike those in any other school setting. We prioritize hands-on and active learning. We encourage our students to get active, explore, create and innovate in every one of our classes. Unlike traditional learning environments, our inquiry-based lessons foster an environment where are students are always continuing to grow and question everything they are taught.

Ocean Connections that Last

We protect what we love. At Waterfront Education, we are raising a new generation of ocean stewards who are growing to love and protect our oceans. Our mission is to foster stewardship by encouraging meaningful connections with the ocean. Everyday, we are bringing students to our local ocean waters to help them learn, appreciate and protect our marine ecosystems. These experiences are truly priceless and create a foundation that will last a lifetime.

Please help us spread the word about our programs. Here is a WE class flyer you can email to all your friends.

Meet Us and Schedule a Tour

We would love to meet in person and give you a harbor tour of our learning environment. Contact Julie Coll to make arrangements or (818) 268-4740.