Owen Franco

Owen Franco

“Our present way of life has left younger people with more environmental problems than solutions. I say start em’ young and keep them questioning. Curiosity makes way to innovation, and innovation makes way to solutions. Never stop innovating and keep in mind that we only have one Earth.”

— Owen Franco, Educator 

Lauren Prizlow
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Lauren Prizlow

"I hope to inspire kids to be curious about the natural world. Once that curiosity strikes, they will be eager to learn more and use what they learn to spread their knowledge and help conserve our planet."

— Lauren Prizlow, Educator

Brian Johnson

"Any increase in knowledge anywhere helps pave the way for an increase in knowledge everywhere."

— Brian Johnson, Educator

Nailah Ford-Burrel

“Science is everywhere and everything. Answer the questions and question the answers”.

— Nailah Ford-Burrel, Educator

Emily Parker

“We protect what we love, and by teaching the world to love the ocean, we ensure its protection long after we are gone. We are all connected to the sea, no matter where we live, and I strive to strengthen those connections with all I teach”

— Emily Parker, Educator