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Kathleen McKeegan

“Ocean conservation has never been more crucial, and I believe that education is the first step towards conservation. These students are our future and I am incredibly excited to see what they accomplish as marine scientists, explorers, and ocean stewards.”

— Kathleen McKeegan,
Program Director & Educator

Dr. Andrea Dell’Apa

Every effort we take to protect the ocean is a step forward to safeguard our future, as we are all connected to the sea. Science is the key to understand those connections and find innovative solutions to solve the most pressing environmental problems facing our oceans. I strive to educate my students about the marine world and science, spark their curiosity, nurture their thirst for knowledge, and prepare them to contribute to the protection of our shared future on this planet.”

— Andrea Dell’Apa, Educator

Brian Johnson

"Any increase in knowledge anywhere helps pave the way for an increase in knowledge everywhere."

— Brian Johnson, Educator