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In this day and age it is so easy for one to get out of touch with nature. We have become accustomed and dependent on technology that we have forgotten the skills necessary to survive without it. This course allows students to immerse themselves with nature and learn the skills and techniques necessary to live off our coastal environment. 

Students will learn about the geography of our coastal environment, the indigenous peoples who once lived here and the organisms that inhabit our local waters. Once those fundamental lessons are taught, we will learn skills that will help us to find edible, medicinal, and utilitarian resources from our local land and ocean environments. The bulk of this course will be taught in Palos Verdes, where we will hike along the many trails that lead down into the ocean.

Fall 2018 Session - September 20th to October 25th 

Instructors: Nailah Ford-Burrell and Emily Parker

Thursdays - 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM
Grade Guidelines - 5th to 8th
Cost: $215 for six weeks / $35.00 drop-in

Register for Fall Session Coastal Survivor
Enrollment: minimum 6 students / maximum 12 students
Note: If you will be using a school voucher for class payment you can still register your child using our system.
What to bring/wear: survival kit, outdoor clothes, hiking shoes, sunscreen, hat, water, and snacks. 

Class Location: 

Class locations will vary by date. Locations will be announced one week prior.